[MEETING] Tactical Urbanism. Thur Nov 3.


Put it in your calendars. The tactical urbanism team meets on the first Thursday of every month, 6pm, Red Brick Hotel.

The tactical urbanism team will usually be pursuing multiple small campaigns at the same time. Each team will meet as much as necessary for their own project and we come together once a month to collaborate as a big group.

We have a lot of different ideas and each idea will need at least one person who is it's champion if it's going to happen. For the champion(s), the project is their baby and they/that group are the leaders for that project. The Right to the City is a platform where we can pool resources and help each champion realise their project while still maintaining democracy/trasnparency by having the champion report back to the group and seek advice from the group as a whole.

All are welcome, even if you've never been to a RTTC meeting before. If you're sick of talking about the world's problems and want to start doing something, come along! There are already a bunch of pojects happening but there is always room for more so bring along any new ideas!

Champions, come ready to give us an update on your project and ask for any help you may need.

This meeting will take place on stolen Jaggera land. Sovereignty was never seceded.

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/688405764657088/

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