[EVENT] Break the Boundary. Sat Aug 27.


Are you unhappy with the state of politics in this country but don't know what to do about it? 

Does it sometimes feel like you've signed a million online petitions but nothing ever changes? 

Do you feel like you're simply preaching to the choir when you share those oh-so-on-point facebook articles? 

Maybe you've thought about protesting but by the time the weekend rolls around you just need to unwind? 

Well why not do both?!

The Right to the City Brisbane invites you to...


We are fighting for more public space with greater community control. However, Break the Boundary will not be your typical protest. The venue is actually a pop up public square, so you can help create new public space simply by turning up to party! Bands will take the place of political speeches on a night that will be less like a traditional protest and more reminiscent of LGBT+ Pride, an event that is equal parts celebration, community building, and protest.

Featuring some much loved local bands!
The Mouldy Lovers
Tea towels
and more tba

Our FREE and ALL AGES event will feature live music, slam poetry, and will be a night to go down in history. As our venue is flexible, size poses no issue, so please.... invite all of your friends!

The secret location is walking distance from the Cracks in the Concrete - Ideas Fiesta for a Better Brisbane and will be revealed at 4pm on 27 August 2016 .

Learn more - https://www.facebook.com/events/1078128788940873/

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