[MEETING] Thursday September 29

At the end of Streets of our Town we agreed to meet in a fortnights time, on Thursday 29th September (6.30pm - 8pm) at the Red Brick Hotel. 

The plan is to crystalise the ideas and discussions from Streets and collectively decide on several areas or campaigns to focus on for the next few months.

Everyone who is interested is encouraged to bring along a concrete proposal to present to the group. From here we will discuss and decide on which specific campaigns or proposals we focus on as Right to the City Brisbane. You can also email your idea before hand to right2bne@gmail.com

Next Tuesday we will email everyone with a summary of the projects suggested so far, so if you want your idea or project to be in that email make sure to get it to us before then. 

It's important to note that we don't just have to focus on one thing - as a group we could decide to pursue multiple campaigns. Again, this is entirely up to us as a collective. 

It's also worth noting that as someone raised on the night, it's also possible for us to support a whole bunch of smaller initiatives along the way - whether that be a community garden or a particularly egregious local development.

Read more on our Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/events/971503106293745/

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