[EVENT] Cracks in the Concrete - Sat Aug 27


We have lost what little control we once had over our city.

Property developers dictate the shape of our neighbourhoods while our politicians acquiesce to their most outrageous demands (all the while accepting thousands in corporate donations). Their newly laid concrete increasingly dominates our skylines, our streets, our old haunts and hangouts, while we are told that this is the only possible trajectory of 'progress'. Only the most well-off can afford to live in the inner-city while thousands of apartments sit empty - this construction boom serves the interests of big banks and corporations, not people.

It's time to make some cracks in their concrete.

We want to build a campaign that replaces unjust profit-driven development with sustainable development and genuine, democratic, collective control over the way our city is designed, built and run. Changing our city, though, won't happen without us. 

But First We Need You and Your Ideas!

The role of the ‘ideas fiesta’ is to establish the basis for such a campaign based on addressing immediate issues and attempting to inform an initial, political ideal of what the right to the city ultimately means for Brisbanites into the future.

Here is the platform of the Right to the City Alliance in the US. Just an example of what we could potentially have coming out of the fiesta. -http://righttothecity.org/about/mission-history/

We'll be organising a series of talks, workshops, stalls, activities, live music, massive puzzles (more on that later) all to do with a bunch of topics related to the all encompassing concept of Right to the City.

So what's ya plan?

We hope to establish a long-term campaign in Brisbane for residents to take control of their physical environment away from the capital dominated urbanisation process which has blighted our city for years. We want to confront the institutions which dictate the circumstances in which we live and reproduce the ‘city’ in an economic, political and cultural way where residents are in control.

What is Right to the City

The concept of ‘a right to the city” is a working slogan as well as a political ideal. It encompasses relatively small endeavours like community gardens and picnics to questions over social housing and community controlled urban planning.

Learn more - https://www.facebook.com/events/261940920849140/

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