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Join the campaign against the council's plans to widen Lytton Road. 

Brisbane City Council is about to spend $115 million of ratepayers’ money converting a 700-metre stretch of Lytton Road in East Brisbane from four lanes to six. This is only stage 1 of the ‘Wynnum Road Corridor Upgrade’ – a major road-widening project which will cost several hundred million dollars over the next ten years, but which will fail to significantly reduce congestion.

The project has some merits. There are several trouble-spots along Lytton/Wynnum Road that urgently need right-hand turn lanes or significant intersection upgrades. But these can be achieved without a wholesale widening of the entire road corridor. Spending hundreds of millions of dollars resuming dozens (possibly hundreds) of homes just to add two lanes is not value-for-money infrastructure. That money would be better spent on targeted intersection upgrades, safer pedestrian crossings and public transport.

Research from around the world clearly demonstrates that if you increase a road’s capacity, new motorists will choose to drive and fill the extra space. If you widen roads, travel time doesn’t significantly improve – you just get more cars on the road, which means more noise and air pollution, and in the case of Wynnum Road, more traffic funnelled into the already-congested Kangaroo Point/Story Bridge bottleneck.

You can also sign our petition against the proposed widening by clicking here

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