Queen's Wharf Strategy Working Bee (13/05/17)

Community campaigns and resistance works. We saw this in Melbourne in 2014 when residents successfully shut down the proposed East West Link toll road. We believe that with some concerted community organising we can replicate Melbourne's success, stop the mega casino, and make Queen's Wharf a project that actually improves our city. Get ready Brisbane, you're about to witness the largest local community campaign in recent memory!

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Picketing the Infrastructure Breakfast: No Transparency and Police Overreaction

On April 28 at 7am, Right to the City and Jonathan Sri attempted to attend the Infrastructure Association of Queensland’s breakfast event. 

At the breakfast, wealthy developers who can pay to attend heard updates from Matt Bekier, CEO of Star Entertainment and the biggest backer of the Queen’s Wharf Casino.

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The Story of Break the Boundary 2. Sat Nov 19.

Public Forum: Stop Queen’s Wharf Mega Casino

[MEETING] Campaign Meeting. Thur Oct 27

[MEETING] Tactical Urbanism. Thur Nov 3.

[MEETING] Thursday September 29

[EVENT] Streets of our Town. Thur Sep 15.

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