Public Forum: Stop Queen’s Wharf Mega Casino


On Monday, December 5, St John's Cathedral is hosting a free forum on the Queen’s Wharf Mega-Casino in conjunction with Cr Jonathan Sri and Right to the City Brisbane. Queens Whard is planned to be built in the CBD directly across the river from South Bank. A group of architects, social scientists and activists will talk about the damage the proposed mega-development will have on our city and how we might be able to stop it. 

Queen's Wharf is one of the single biggest private developments in Brisbane’s history, covering a floor space 1.5 times the size of The Gabba Stadium - or 10% of the entire CBD. By some estimates the State Government is giving up 9.2 hectares of public realm to a private developer on a 99 year lease, which in effect means we have lost this land forever. 

The Federal Government estimates that problem gambling costs the community 4.7 billion a year, while also affecting up to 5 million people. The children of problem gamblers are 10 times more likely to become problem gamblers themselves. They on average lose $21,000 a year, which is close to half the median Queensland income. We know problem gambling affects the unemployed and working class communities the most. 

The Queen's Wharf Mega Casino represents class warfare and inter-generational theft on an enormous scale. Queenslanders will lose millions of dollars a year to 2500 pokie machines designed to extract maximum value from problem gamblers who are statistically more likely to come from working class backgrounds. Meanwhile the State Government has wilfully handed over approximately 9.2 hectares of some of the most valuable inner-city land in Brisbane - essentially privatising a public asset that otherwise could be used by future generations of Queenslanders. This mega casino will make billions of dollars for private corporations and developers at the expense of ordinary residents who are already screwed over by the big end of town everyday. 

Instead of a casino we could be building well designed, public housing, more usable public greenspace or a science and innovation precinct - or going one step better and giving Brisbane residents a genuine say in how we use this space.

There’s still time to stop the Queen's Wharf Mega Casino. But we’ll need your help.

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