Right now, many Brisbanites are under the misapprehension that it’s too late to stop this project, and therefore we shouldn’t even bother trying. That’s what the developers want us to think.

The success of other community campaigns like the one that stopped the multi-billion-dollar East-West tollway project in Victoria offers hope that it’s not too late to get the Queensland Government to rethink its support for this project.

We must join together and fight for more control over how our city develops and who profits from it.

We need your help! Sign up to join our city-wide campaign against the mega-casino here.

 Everyone has skills to contribute. Here are the four campaign working groups you can join:

- Materials (art, flyers, posters, banners, zines, etc)
- Events (creative actions, community forums, actions, etc)
- Digital Strategy (Facebook, website, monthly newslwetter, etc)
- Relational Organising (volunteering, community group relationship building, etc)

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