Queen's Wharf Strategy Working Bee (13/05/17)

Community campaigns and resistance works. We saw this in Melbourne in 2014 when residents successfully shut down the proposed East West Link toll road. We believe that with some concerted community organising we can replicate Melbourne's success, stop the mega casino, and make Queen's Wharf a project that actually improves our city. Get ready Brisbane, you're about to witness the largest local community campaign in recent memory!

Right to the City held a strategy working bee on Saturday afternoon with the aim of developing a Queen's Wharf campaign strategy. After an initial plenary session about Right to the City and campaign strategic theory, teams were established to help build strategic actions that tied in with progressive campaign goals and outcomes. 

The teams were:

  • Actions - on the ground campaigning involving NVDA, picketing, occupations etc
  • Community power and support - building relationships across communities and spreading the message
  • Voter power - using traditional and non-traditional campaigning methods to lobby political decision-makers
  • Power analysis and research - power relationships, legislative and economic research, breaking down complex information

If you are interested in any of the teams, facebook message or email us with your interest and we can connect you with the right point people.

Also, check out the presentation slides for more context about the strategy working bee.

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