Trumping the Mega Casino - How to join the campaign

With over 7% of the built area of the CBD set to be privatized, the Queen's Wharf Mega Casino is set to be the largest private development project in Brisbane's history! But if the government and the developers think they can get away with privatizing 13.5ha of prime inner city public land without a fight then they've got shock or two coming their way.

Community campaigns and resistance works. We saw this in Melbourne in 2014 when residents successfully shut down the proposed East West Link toll road. We believe that with some concerted community organising we can replicate Melbourne's success, stop the mega casino, and make Queen's Wharf a project that actually improves our city. Get ready Brisbane, you're about to witness the largest local community campaign in recent memory!

Rather than another conscious raising community forum (though we certainly have more of those planned), this meeting is for people who wish to step up and take on a more organisational role. We will start with a brief summary of the problem before breaking into campaign sub-groups and starting to build the campaign on the night. A major action we will be planning is the 24 hour creative occupation of Queen's Park on April 22.

Everyone has skills to contribute and we will be breaking up into four main working groups:

- Materials (art, flyers, posters, banners, zines, etc)
- Events (creative actions, community forums, actions, etc)
- Digital Strategy (Facebook, website, monthly newslwetter, etc)
- Relational Organising (volunteering, community group relationship building, etc)

If you can't make the meeting make sure you sign up to the campaign here.

April 03, 2017 at 6pm - 8pm

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